Impact 7′ Improved Parabolic Umbrella (Silver) with Diffuser



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If you had to choose a single light shaping tool, you might do well to pick the silver Impact 7′ Parabolic Umbrella. First of all, it’s a huge broad light source that wraps light around your subject, yielding clean highlights and rich open shadows. But due to the special shape of the umbrella there’s a unique mix of soft enveloping light with the kind of crisp detail you only get from reflectors. Put another way, if you combined a beauty dish with a softbox, you’d have a parabolic umbrella.

This umbrella has a unique structural design as well. The shaft is reinforced for strength and instead of bendable metal, the 16 inner ribs are made of durable fiberglass. The fixed black backing ensures that all of the light output is bounced back to your subject instead of through the umbrella. The silver interior provides a more specular and contrasty look than a white umbrella. You can also vary the light-to-umbrella distance along the shaft for a harder or softer light. In addition, an optional diffuser is available for this umbrella, which effectively converts it to a large softbox with just a 1/2 stop loss of output.

This silver version is ideal for throwing the light over a long distance. Two of them, for instance, could light an entire auditorium or a large graduating class. The umbrella features an improved finger-friendly locking mechanism for secure and fast set up and break down.

Improved Locking Mechanism
Improved locking mechanism provides fast, secure, and “finger-friendly” set up and break down.
Parabolic Shape
The parabolic shape produces a more natural wraparound light than a regular umbrella. This soft and natural light is what makes this umbrella a favorite of wedding and portrait photographers.
Wide Diameter
The 7-foot diameter ensures a soft light quality. This umbrella produces enough light for stunning group photos. It will also emit a broad enough beam for full-length portraits.
Silver Interior
A highly reflective silver ripstop nylon lines the umbrella’s interior. It produces maximum light output that’s great for studio or outdoor shooting where more contrast or specular highlights are wanted. Often used by fashion photographers for its punchy light.
16-Rib Design
For an umbrella to be effective, it needs to maintain its shape, and the fabric should remain taut. The umbrella features a 16-rib design that maintains the shape of the umbrella and the tension of the fabric for an even light spread.