Prompter People UltraLight 12 iPad Pro Teleprompter



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  • $100 for the first day
  • $50 for an additional day
  • $200 for a week
  • $400 for a month


The Prompter People UltraLight 12 iPad Pro Teleprompter features a 60/40 beamsplitter glass, a universal iPad/tablet cradle to hold iPads and other tablets from the iPad mini up to the iPad PRO, and a 12′ reading range. The teleprompter supports small to medium-sized camcorders, and the hood and glass can be folded down for transport and storage. The teleprompter comes with an aluminum extrusion frame, which enables mounting the camera on the prompter without requiring counterweights.

The prompter accepts your iPad or tablet and allows you to use the prompting software of your choice.

The 60/40 beamsplitter glass provides a bright overlay of text that can be read from up to 12′ away, while remaining invisible to your camera.
Supports most small to medium-sized cameras, including camcorders, DSLRs, and Mirrorless.
Aluminum extrusion frame provides counterweight-free balance.
Can be easily folded for secure transport and storage.