Easyrig Minimax with Quick Release



Rent This

  • $75 for the first day
  • $57 for an additional day
  • $225 for a week
  • $675 for a month


Ideal for documentaries, news, events, and more, the Easyrig Minimax with Quick Release is designed for productions requiring extensive handheld camerawork with cameras weighing 4.4 to 15.4 lb. Rather than uncomfortably handholding your camera and supporting the weight with your arms, the Minimax redistributes the weight of your camera setup through the body harness. Taking the weight off your arms enables you to hold the camera steady for longer periods of time while reducing fatigue.
Increased Stability
  • The Minimax not only redistributes your rig weight but also increases the stability of your shots.
  • The support cable, while transferring the weight to the harness, also adds a point of contact, reducing vibrations.
  • A redesigned spring system results in smoother cable movement with reduced friction.
  • A conical wheel unrolls the rope with increasing force as it is unraveled.
Pivoting Arm
  • The pivoting upper arm is borrowed from the Easyrig 3 Cinema model.
  • The pivot enables you to swing the camera to the side or even have it sit on your shoulder.
Adjustable Weight Range
  • Turn the knob at the back of the Minimax to adjust the rig to your camera weight.
  • An overload protection system will trip if the maximum weight capacity is exceeded.
Carrying Case
  • Includes a duffle-style case for carrying the Minimax from one location to the next.